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Plastic Recovery

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Why we chose


Plastiks is an NFT Marketplace that connects plastic recovery projects with companies and individuals looking to sponsor their impact. Unlike other platforms focused on plastic compensation, their solution connects recovery projects worldwide with companies and individuals, empowering and sharing impactful stories. To date, their network of plastic removal projects have recovered over 1 million kilograms of plastic from the environment!

Some of their coolest projects include...
  • Vintz Plastics, Kenya - providing a closed loop for plastic waste management, recovering plastic and recycling it into new materials.
  • Green Mining, Brazil - uses an Intelligent Reverse Logistics technology to efficiently retrieve post-consumption plastic and bring it back to the production cycle.
  • Esperanza Global, India - a social enterprise that works with the Safai Saathis to collect waste in the environment and recycle it in their facilities.

How your contributions

support this project

When you contribute to Plastiks, you are funding the transparent recovery of plastic from the environment to fight against the continued pollution and destruction of ecosystems around the world. More specifically, the money raised through Spirals is used to purchase $PLASTIK for redemption of certified plastic removals.

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