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Why we chose

Toucan NCTs

One of the ReFi industry leaders, Toucan is building infrastructure that brings programmable carbon to Web3, unlocking its potential to serve as fundamental building blocks for a regenerative economy. Their carbon pools create much needed liquidity to unlock new market synergies for innovation and impact at scale.

Some of their coolest projects include...
  • Toucan Bridge - connects the voluntary carbon market to Web3. For each credit bridged, one Tokenized CO2 token is deposited. TCO2s are semi-fungible, retain valuable metadata, and can be pooled for max liquidity.
  • Toucan Meta-Registry - Carbon credits bridged into TCO2s share standardized data, regardless of the source registry. This breaks down market silos while improving accessibility and transparency.
  • Carbon Pools - Eligible TCO2s can be deposited into a Carbon Pool in return for fungible reference pool tokens (e.g. NCT). These highly liquid assets may then be redeemed back into TCO2s at any time.

How your contributions

support this project

When you contribute to Toucan, you are funding the emergence of an on-chain voluntary carbon ecosystem via the purchase of NCT - a premium carbon pool that restricts TCO2 qualification to nature-based projects such as forestry and regenerative agriculture.

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